Simpsons Wallpaper

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The Simpsons on your desktop. You can bet that they will mess it up.

Poor Homer. You can say what you want about his brain size, but for me Homer has been able to bring up a family where many have failed before.

The Simpsons Movie. When Homer's latest idiotic scheme turns the entire town against him, the Simpsons family is forced to try to save the world.

Cowabunga! Bart Simpson is really a nice kid with a lot of time in his hands. And a supercharged attitude.

So many faces. And yet it seems that you can match each one of them to someone you know.

And every woman's dream... Montgomery Burns. At least he has something that he can call massive.

Booze and girls. It's what every man wants, but you should take care of women drinking beer and oversized booze.

Christmas time. It's Christmas in Springfield and the Simpsons celebrate it in their own way.

Everyone home. From left to right - Homer, Santa's Helper, Marge, Lisa, Snowball, Maggie and Bart.

Erm, wrong show. The Simpsons celebrate carnival by dressing as the Addams family.

Linkin Park Wallpaper

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Let me introduce you to Linkin Park. They are a setup of 6 musicians playing metal at its current best.

Chester Bennington - He puts in his shrieking voice to shape that trademark LP music.

Mike Shinoda - Mike contributes with the rest of the vocals as well as playing keyboards and guitar.

Brad Delson - Brad's next with more guitar bliss.

Rob Bourdon - While Rob gets fired up by hammering the drums.

Joseph Hahn - At the turntables, Joe puts some variance into the metal, rap-style.

And finally Phoenix is the one taking the role of playing the bass guitar.

Sing at the top of your voice. Crawling in my skin, these wounds they will not heal, fear is how I fall, confusing what is real.

Nu-metal - Now I'm off to listen to some stuff from Linkin Park .

Keanu Reeves Wallpaper

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Neo. For sure, Keanu will always be remembered for his role in the Matrix.

Reach Out. Yeah, make an effort and reach out for your goals in life.

Another Trademark Look. With messed up hair and a troubled expression.

The Keanu Look. As if to say 'what the hell do you want with me?'.

Garage Blues. Keanu posing with a motorcycle. Although he doesn't seem that he ever gets his hands dirty.

Nice Boy. Ok, here's Keanu in a clean-shaven and well-dressed look to attract half of you girls.

Macho Man. And here's another with a rugged virile look to attract the other half. Which type of girl are you then?

Riding Away. This is a good looking wallpaper, if I may say so.

Resident Evil Wallpaper

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Nemesis - Nemesis was the third one in the Resident Evil series. It is the least one of them that I am familiar with. It means that I haven't played it beyond the intro.

Resident Evil 2. Claire and Leon first met in Resident Evil 2. One thing I do not understand is why there are so many people looking for walkthroughs when half the fun is in solving the puzzles yourself.

Code Veronica - In Resident Evil: Code Veronica the story mainly turned around Claire Redfield, and showed a number of surprises, hard fights against Albert Whesker and company, and a great finale.

Classics Remade. Jill Valentine debuts on the Gamecube in the classic Resident Evil remake.

Nice Zombie. Resident Evil has spawned two movies, the second installment called Apocalypse. And I have found a couple of good soundtracks too, which I highly recommend.

Hunter experiment. How can I forget playing Resident Evil Zero on my Gamecube all those months ago. And Rebecca Chambers looks good enough to star in another couple of sequels.

Run Into That House! The dialogue has improved a bit over the years, but Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine still end up in the same old house.

Resident Evil Outbreak. Resident Evil Outbreak is the first Resident Evil game that lets you play cooperatively online.

Leon Kennedy - Leon returns to fight the evil zombies in Resident Evil 4.

Brotherly Love. Although Alfred and Alexia are one and the same person, it surely is possible to make them stand beside each other in a wallpaper picture. Turning mad after the death of his twin sister, Alfred keeps her alive in his mind by dressing and acting as Alexia whilst storing her body cryogenically.

Fantasy Wallpaper

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JRR Tolkien. The Tolkien legends have spawned whole worlds on all possible narrative formats. A section dedicated to Tolkien could also appear here. Shown here is the fight between Éowyn and the Nazgûl from The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King, illustrated by the Hildebrandt Brothers.

HR Giger - HR Giger has always amazed us with his convoluted illustrations which only he is capable of making. Shown here is a mutation of his lost love Li.

Raymond E. Feist - I happened to find a book written by Feist while I was in hospital and I am almost happy that I ended up so sick such are the captivating stories inside the world of Krondor. Shown above is the cover from the novel The King's Buccaneer illustrated by Geoff Taylor.

William Blake - It looks like William Blake has experienced our modern problems well over 200 years ahead of their time. On a positive note, his output is wonderful and today makes more sense than ever.

Terry Pratchett - His worlds and heroes are always mocked to the max by the author himself, but that's what makes them even more engaging. I can't have enough of his fables. In this illustration, drawn by Paul Kidby is Cohen the Barbarian who wants to return the fire to the Gods in The Last Hero.

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Dragonball Wallpaper

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It's always the same story. Yes, at the start everything is nice and simple. See how happy they are in this picture.

Then they start growing up. And start getting in all sorts of trouble. It will all come to technicalities and pyrotechnics. And lots of sequels; Dragonball Z, GT.

Ready for the fight. Even Gokou seems to have lost his smile.

One big family. Yes, the Dragonball universe has just been getting bigger and bigger. And spread over movies, music, video games, action figures and toys.

But it's all for good. Now I'm not that big a fan of Dragonball, but I've seen a couple of fight sequences. And as long as they stand on the good side, they can teach children a big lesson.

And as the saying goes... A bunch of Saiyans can only mean one thing. Trouble.

Dragonball Summoning. When all the required seven Dragonballs are collected, the dragon can be summoned. The orbs will start to flicker with a glow, at which time the sky turns dark and the Dragon explodes out of the melted balls to fill the air with his presence. The summoner's wish can then be granted by the dragon.

Dragonball GT. The last chapter of the Dragonball saga, Grand Tour sees our hero Gokou travelling around the universe looking for the special black star dragonballs and picking up fights along the way.