300 Wallpaper

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa On 5:36 AM 0 comments
300 is not just a number. It is a symbol of a brave people that stand proudly for the name of their nation against oppression by invaders and boldly go to face certain death to get their point across. And one of the best movies ever.

This is Sparta! And don't you ever forget it. The visuals are over the top, but effective and very memorable.

In this fictional Sparta, young boys grow up to be men. And everything is solved by beating things up.

At least that is the way of King Leonidas and 300 other people. Some of the other Spartans prefer to conspire with the enemy though.

Kill, kill, kill. Kill the Persians and kill their mercenaries, and then kill some more.

Watch your footing there mate. I would not want any accidents to happen. Too late!

If we are going to kill or get killed, just make sure that we are going to do it in a spectacular way. 300 has its roots as a comic and it shows.

Queen Gorgo loves her husband Leonidas even after she knows that she will not see him anymore. The queen is instrumental in rallying the Spartans together after her husband's death.

King Xerxes has infinite wealth and land and is in control of a vast army. But his downfall begins right here.