Tom and Jerry Wallpaper

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Tom and Jerry are two of the fondest childhood friends I can think of. Created way back in the 1940s, the series still holds its own with today's youngest.

My parents used to watch the Tom and Jerry cartoons, and I still watch them occasionally with my children. And to think that it is always a short story about a cat chasing a mouse.

Tom is the cat that does the chasing, but it is mostly him that gets the beating from the little mouse. However, unlike some other cartoons, Tom does get the upper hand over his rodent friend sometimes.

Jerry Mouse is the little guy, but what he lacks in size he makes up in his savvy play. He never accepts to be on the losing end, and likes his revenge while it's hot.

Every so often, Spike the dog joins the duo in causing more mayhem. He usually sides with Jerry, tipping the muscle scale to the mouse's side.

Even in prehistoric times, the cat was still trying to catch the mouse. The only difference is that they had more clothing back then.

Butch is a street cat that competes with Tom whenever he appears. Butch tries to eat the mouse and he tries to woo Tom's love Toodles for himself.

Here is Toodles. Pretty little white cat, isn't she?

Cameron Diaz Wallpaper

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There's something about Cammy. No doubt about that. In every movie she's in, everyone is fighting to get her attention.

What could it be? Although she's more like the girl next door. And she seems to always be having fun.

I heard that she is a bad teacher, but luckily she is also a good actress.

Different looks, but just as breathtaking.

I've seen all the movies she was in. It was love at first sight. How can I ever forget The Mask?

I'd have no problem to go and see her movies just one more time.

She's also an angel. And we got the chance to see her running in a bikini in glorious slow motion.

She always has that dreamy look on her face. Kinda ironic as every boy in the country is dreaming about her.

Final Fantasy Wallpaper

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The Greatest Experience Ever. I'm a big fan of the Final Fantasy series before number 11, after which I stopped playing them. Although Final Fantasy VII was the first to have an enhanced cinematic experience, for me it was FF IX that was the best since it puts you totally in a world of its own.

I have played them all, even the handheld ones (apart from PSP versions, I must admit). The classic Final Fantasy VIII is the one that seeks to be most realistic. It's nice to see that younger players can still experience the first two games in the series by means of Final Fantasy Origins. That's a good example of fan support and *cough* business insight.

Classics Remade. So, Final Fantasy I and II have been remade, with modified dialogue and Full Motion Video sequences. So it's worth playing them again. I also quite enjoyed playing an offshoot called Final Fantasy Tactics again and again.

Yeah, Blitzball. In Final Fantasy X we encounter Tidus, a pretty average guy for a hero. Square tried to show us that everyone can win over evil if they keep trying. Final Fantasy X 2 is the first proper sequel in the series.

There's a good dose of black magic. And Lulu is the most attractive black mage of them all. Final Fantasy has also spawned all sorts of movies, beginning with The Spirits Within and Advent Child.

Train hard and you'll succeed. I don't know about you, but for me Sir Auron ended up being the biggest asset in Final Fantasy X by a long stretch.

We hope that the Final Fantasy series seems to have a lot of gameplay left to give us. Will another MMO based on Final Fantasy let us experience this vast universe?

And don't forget to protect Gaia. Help mother Earth to be a better place for everyone.

I guess you never though that a black mage would one day be the subject of your dreams.

Pee Wee's Big Adventure Wallpaper

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Today I have something a wee different. It's PeeWee's Big Adventure!

Pee Wee Herman is a strange guy, but he is still likable.

It is all about the bike. Apparently, the whole world rotates around this red thing.

Pee Wee's neighbor Francis want the bike really badly. If he cannot have it then no else can.

Dottie is another type altogether. She is lovable, and Pee Wee's refusal to accept her advances makes us want to care for her.

Mickey is not a guy that you should be with, considering that he just escaped from prison. Still, he does teach Pee Wee a couple of lines that he can use with women.

Let us summarize what we saw so far. Dottie wants to stay with Pee Wee but he doesn't want her around. He wants to ride with Mickey instead, but Mickey is a loner and a rebel and sends Pee Wee on his way, who then ends up with Simone. She turns out to be a bag equally full of hope and trouble.

The major trouble is her boyfriend Andy, who goes after Pee Wee threatening to beat him with a dinosaur bone!

Finding Nemo Wallpaper

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Watch Out! It's always a wise move to watch your back in these waters.

It's strange how life is. Everyone seems to have his fair share of misadventures, even a tiny clown fish.

Especially in Disney's movies. Although you always know that things will turn out right in the end.

Take this movie here for example. Marlin gets separated from his son Nemo, and has to venture into the ocean to find him.

Yet Pixar's output is just brilliant. The animators at Pixar know how to make a good 3D animated movie. Shown here is an in-movie shot.

Like all great movies, there are also some related stuff and collectibles for Nemo. The official Finding Nemo video game from THQ for example.

There he is! More official Finding Nemo wallpaper from the game.

about how e-commerce site to build

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Internet is flooded with various e-commerce (electronic commerce) sites and setting up an online business is very difficult today. If you are determined to a large amount of online products to sell to earn, you have to figure out business intelligence. The site is pretty user friendly you have to be visually attractive, because the design of the site also plays an important role in attracting customers. The first attempt to create e-commerce site, can be a bit confusing, but once you have filled key principles and policies involved, it will automatically begin to roll in the right direction. The more you market your site through search engines, more sales you make. We gave you some clues about how e-commerce site to build here.

*Evaluate carefully
First and foremost tip on creating e-commerce site is doing extensive research online on all aspects relating to the success of a website. Remember that the urge to make money. Therefore, the demand for the sale of goods, picking products that heavy chunk of money. Identify the keywords that people are supporting a product a random search for products on-line use. Check other e-commerce sites have high rankings on the Internet for deployment planning, execution and business situation.

*Buy a domain name
Upon completion of the study, you can register a domain name. Never choose a domain name consisting of, or the domain name, it will be easy to remember. Short product areas should also be relevant. URL and content on the site must comply with the keywords you selected. You also need to connect to the web host company. Benefit package and check properties such as bandwidth, web space, databases, price, etc. before the investment. You should choose a cheaper price at first and then go on a package if needed.

Building a site is probably the most important aspect of e-commerce sites. The number of pages, their appearance and content of some important things you must consider. Welcome paragraph should be the same place will promote the product to customers. Navigation links should be well placed, so people can easily move from one page to another. Frame content of the site you need to instill the confidence of customers. Products and services must be clear to help people understand easily accessed. Must often be asked questions section where people can an appropriate answer to their questions.

*Web Site Design
Professional web graphic designers to help it best to look. Sections, remove the first page of the website to include the "Company" available products "Description", "What's New" or "information". Layout design is accessible to customers and they find no difficulty in finding the products they want. The site should not be filled with many links, but also contain links provide useful information about the click. The design and graphics are not needed for heavy e-commerce site. Because the business, you should make your layout simple and sophisticated.

* Payment Options
Customers should not be misled by the charge. E-commerce sites open to all PayPal accounts to make purchases and payments easy, but also remove through the supplier. You can use your credit card as method of payment. If you have a free hosting package (like Magento), then you open a commercial bank, and then combine it with your site, to improve safety. You have defined functions in your web page where users free access to them.