Final Fantasy Wallpaper

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa On 3:25 AM
The Greatest Experience Ever. I'm a big fan of the Final Fantasy series before number 11, after which I stopped playing them. Although Final Fantasy VII was the first to have an enhanced cinematic experience, for me it was FF IX that was the best since it puts you totally in a world of its own.

I have played them all, even the handheld ones (apart from PSP versions, I must admit). The classic Final Fantasy VIII is the one that seeks to be most realistic. It's nice to see that younger players can still experience the first two games in the series by means of Final Fantasy Origins. That's a good example of fan support and *cough* business insight.

Classics Remade. So, Final Fantasy I and II have been remade, with modified dialogue and Full Motion Video sequences. So it's worth playing them again. I also quite enjoyed playing an offshoot called Final Fantasy Tactics again and again.

Yeah, Blitzball. In Final Fantasy X we encounter Tidus, a pretty average guy for a hero. Square tried to show us that everyone can win over evil if they keep trying. Final Fantasy X 2 is the first proper sequel in the series.

There's a good dose of black magic. And Lulu is the most attractive black mage of them all. Final Fantasy has also spawned all sorts of movies, beginning with The Spirits Within and Advent Child.

Train hard and you'll succeed. I don't know about you, but for me Sir Auron ended up being the biggest asset in Final Fantasy X by a long stretch.

We hope that the Final Fantasy series seems to have a lot of gameplay left to give us. Will another MMO based on Final Fantasy let us experience this vast universe?

And don't forget to protect Gaia. Help mother Earth to be a better place for everyone.

I guess you never though that a black mage would one day be the subject of your dreams.

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