Cameron Diaz Wallpaper

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa On 5:57 AM 0 comments
There's something about Cammy. No doubt about that. In every movie she's in, everyone is fighting to get her attention.

What could it be? Although she's more like the girl next door. And she seems to always be having fun.

I heard that she is a bad teacher, but luckily she is also a good actress.

Different looks, but just as breathtaking.

I've seen all the movies she was in. It was love at first sight. How can I ever forget The Mask?

I'd have no problem to go and see her movies just one more time.

She's also an angel. And we got the chance to see her running in a bikini in glorious slow motion.

She always has that dreamy look on her face. Kinda ironic as every boy in the country is dreaming about her.