Fantasy Wallpaper

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JRR Tolkien. The Tolkien legends have spawned whole worlds on all possible narrative formats. A section dedicated to Tolkien could also appear here. Shown here is the fight between Éowyn and the Nazgûl from The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King, illustrated by the Hildebrandt Brothers.

HR Giger - HR Giger has always amazed us with his convoluted illustrations which only he is capable of making. Shown here is a mutation of his lost love Li.

Raymond E. Feist - I happened to find a book written by Feist while I was in hospital and I am almost happy that I ended up so sick such are the captivating stories inside the world of Krondor. Shown above is the cover from the novel The King's Buccaneer illustrated by Geoff Taylor.

William Blake - It looks like William Blake has experienced our modern problems well over 200 years ahead of their time. On a positive note, his output is wonderful and today makes more sense than ever.

Terry Pratchett - His worlds and heroes are always mocked to the max by the author himself, but that's what makes them even more engaging. I can't have enough of his fables. In this illustration, drawn by Paul Kidby is Cohen the Barbarian who wants to return the fire to the Gods in The Last Hero.

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Dragonball Wallpaper

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It's always the same story. Yes, at the start everything is nice and simple. See how happy they are in this picture.

Then they start growing up. And start getting in all sorts of trouble. It will all come to technicalities and pyrotechnics. And lots of sequels; Dragonball Z, GT.

Ready for the fight. Even Gokou seems to have lost his smile.

One big family. Yes, the Dragonball universe has just been getting bigger and bigger. And spread over movies, music, video games, action figures and toys.

But it's all for good. Now I'm not that big a fan of Dragonball, but I've seen a couple of fight sequences. And as long as they stand on the good side, they can teach children a big lesson.

And as the saying goes... A bunch of Saiyans can only mean one thing. Trouble.

Dragonball Summoning. When all the required seven Dragonballs are collected, the dragon can be summoned. The orbs will start to flicker with a glow, at which time the sky turns dark and the Dragon explodes out of the melted balls to fill the air with his presence. The summoner's wish can then be granted by the dragon.

Dragonball GT. The last chapter of the Dragonball saga, Grand Tour sees our hero Gokou travelling around the universe looking for the special black star dragonballs and picking up fights along the way.

Warcraft Wallpaper

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Imaginary Creatures in Warcraft III. Each chapter of the Warcraft saga introduces new creatures and breath taking magical powers. Official wallpaper from Blizzard Entertainment.

Gryphon Rider - The Gryphon Riders prepare for battle under the red sunlit skies. Originally belonging to a real time strategy game, the strange people of Warcraft are now set to appear in other gameplay styles.

It's a World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft brings in some new faces, and will certainly engulf us in its tightly knit story.

Warcraft 3 Add-ons. With official updates like Beyond The Dark Portal and The Frozen Throne, and user created maps and campaigns, all Warcraft games will devour what you have left of your spare time. Not to mention the online skirmishes on

Undead Invasion. This screenshot shows an undead army attack a human post. This game is fun, you just have to play it. And don't cheat or you will ruin all the fun! It's much more satisfying when you get to the end of the game on your own merits.

The Mighty Dwarves. The Dwarves bring in some much needed firepower. The characters in Warcraft have all built their strong identities over time.

The Frozen Throne. This guy, Arthas seems that his purpose in life is just to encounter endless misadventures. I knew a friend like that once and I'm happy that I have not met him in years.

Orcs and Humans. The orcs studying the map and planning their invasion over the table in the original Warcraft.