Resident Evil Wallpaper

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa On 5:46 AM
Nemesis - Nemesis was the third one in the Resident Evil series. It is the least one of them that I am familiar with. It means that I haven't played it beyond the intro.

Resident Evil 2. Claire and Leon first met in Resident Evil 2. One thing I do not understand is why there are so many people looking for walkthroughs when half the fun is in solving the puzzles yourself.

Code Veronica - In Resident Evil: Code Veronica the story mainly turned around Claire Redfield, and showed a number of surprises, hard fights against Albert Whesker and company, and a great finale.

Classics Remade. Jill Valentine debuts on the Gamecube in the classic Resident Evil remake.

Nice Zombie. Resident Evil has spawned two movies, the second installment called Apocalypse. And I have found a couple of good soundtracks too, which I highly recommend.

Hunter experiment. How can I forget playing Resident Evil Zero on my Gamecube all those months ago. And Rebecca Chambers looks good enough to star in another couple of sequels.

Run Into That House! The dialogue has improved a bit over the years, but Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine still end up in the same old house.

Resident Evil Outbreak. Resident Evil Outbreak is the first Resident Evil game that lets you play cooperatively online.

Leon Kennedy - Leon returns to fight the evil zombies in Resident Evil 4.

Brotherly Love. Although Alfred and Alexia are one and the same person, it surely is possible to make them stand beside each other in a wallpaper picture. Turning mad after the death of his twin sister, Alfred keeps her alive in his mind by dressing and acting as Alexia whilst storing her body cryogenically.

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