Simpsons Wallpaper

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa On 3:03 PM
The Simpsons on your desktop. You can bet that they will mess it up.

Poor Homer. You can say what you want about his brain size, but for me Homer has been able to bring up a family where many have failed before.

The Simpsons Movie. When Homer's latest idiotic scheme turns the entire town against him, the Simpsons family is forced to try to save the world.

Cowabunga! Bart Simpson is really a nice kid with a lot of time in his hands. And a supercharged attitude.

So many faces. And yet it seems that you can match each one of them to someone you know.

And every woman's dream... Montgomery Burns. At least he has something that he can call massive.

Booze and girls. It's what every man wants, but you should take care of women drinking beer and oversized booze.

Christmas time. It's Christmas in Springfield and the Simpsons celebrate it in their own way.

Everyone home. From left to right - Homer, Santa's Helper, Marge, Lisa, Snowball, Maggie and Bart.

Erm, wrong show. The Simpsons celebrate carnival by dressing as the Addams family.

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