Keanu Reeves Wallpaper

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa On 11:21 PM
Neo. For sure, Keanu will always be remembered for his role in the Matrix.

Reach Out. Yeah, make an effort and reach out for your goals in life.

Another Trademark Look. With messed up hair and a troubled expression.

The Keanu Look. As if to say 'what the hell do you want with me?'.

Garage Blues. Keanu posing with a motorcycle. Although he doesn't seem that he ever gets his hands dirty.

Nice Boy. Ok, here's Keanu in a clean-shaven and well-dressed look to attract half of you girls.

Macho Man. And here's another with a rugged virile look to attract the other half. Which type of girl are you then?

Riding Away. This is a good looking wallpaper, if I may say so.

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