The Disillusionment of Lizzie May

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa On 3:56 PM
Green party chief denied spot in televized debates

When Stephen Harper, Stephane Dion, Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe meet to debate the direction the country should take on October 1 & 2, they will do it in the absence of Green party leader Elizabeth May.

Today the network consortium that organizes the televised debates handed down their decision.

"The [network] consortium approached the parties to explore the possibility of including the Green party in all or part of the leaders' debates," said spokesman Jason MacDonald. "However, three parties opposed its inclusion and it became clear that if the Green party were included, there would be no leaders' debates. In the interest of Canadians, the consortium has determined that it is better to broadcast the debates with the four major party leaders, rather than not at all."

Now Canadians will get an opportunity to witness first-hand the character of May and the party she leads: she can accept that, never having elected a Member of Parliament, she has no business taking part in the leaders' debates, or make good on a a previous threat to sue.

Of course, there is no law in the land that can force Canada's television networks to put Elizabeth May on television alongside leaders of actual official political parties.

It's unsurprising that Canada's television networks have declined to give in to the Greens' bluff.

One can only hope that maybe -- just maybe -- Elections Canada will allow May and the Greens to claim their legal bills as an election expense. Heh.

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