Canadian Cynic: Canadians are Stupid

Posted by Lidya Endzo Kun iLLa On 11:48 AM
There's clearly something about Canadian Cynic and the word "stupid".

According to Cynic, the Blogging Tories are stupid, Christians are stupid, and anyone who dares stand up to him is stupid too.

In a post at the Sycophantic Groupthink Temple today, however, Cynic takes his little act an unsurprising step forward: Canadians are stupid.

Ironically, this assertion comes as Cynic is addressing a column by Christopher Flavelle in which he asked: darn it, how has Canada gotten so gosh-darn mean?

Certainly, the irony shouldn't be lost on anyone familiar with the distinctly un-Canadian dump that is (as he calls it) Cynic HQ. After all, if anyone in Canada has written the book on "mean", it certainly wasn't the Conservative party of Canada.

After all, there's something inherently mean about expressing amusement about an assassination attempt on a Canadian politician. Encouraging people to go after a political opponent through his children? To the point of stalking them to their school?

Not much more needs to be said about any of this. The irony of the individual who is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Canada's meanest blogger essentially decrying the alleged meanness of Canadian society?

Most certainly lost upon himself (as these things tend to be), but not lost upon the rational observer.

In the end, it's unsurprising that Cynic considers Canadians to be stupid. After all, he certainly thinks his readers are stupid (it helps that they're all too often slavishly willing to oblige him).

After all, Cynic eagerly piled on the tasergate controversy. This would be fair enough if his inherently fascistic schaedenfreude hadn't already been run up the flagpole for the world to see.

For Cynic to expect to be able to fall in line with the progressive movement while they protested the injudicious use of tasers that has, sadly, been spreading across our country like wildfire while having made excuses for the injudicious use of tasers on a man who dared ask too many questions of the man who was once the favoured Presidential candidate of progressives?

This is a person who thinks Canadians are -- in fact, who clearly thinks everyone aside from himself is -- stupid.

And what was it that spurned him to finally just come out and say it? Likely polls that show the object of Cynic's simmering hatred to be headed toward a stronger minority government, if not a majority.

The very object of hatred that Cynic has spent the better part of his day for the past god-only-knows how long emptying both barrels at.

It seems that, once again, Candian Cynic is a good deal less influential than he's deluded himself into believing.

But at least he's finally mustered the courage to come out and tell Canadians what he really thinks of them. Now, if only he could muster the courage to attach his own name to those comments...

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